Rajat Bhatnagar
Rajat Bhatnagar
Founder & Managing Partner

Rajat has over 20 years experience in managed services – setting up, scaling and delivering performance in teams with thousands of people across the globe.  He has worked and managed teams in United States, Philippines, India, Czech Republic, China, Mexico, Ireland and United Kingdom. Rajat has managed services for companies in Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Insurance and High Tech Industries.

In his current role, Rajat’s key responsibilities include:

  • Develop platform based solutions for medical practices driving automation & efficiency
  • Implement Digital Marketing solutions (analytics, measurement) to drive results for clients
  • Identify, manage and work with 3rd party partners 
Ray Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez
Business Development Lead

Ray has over 13 years experience working in sales in the healthcare industry. He completed his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Purdue Unviersity and has worked with  pharma companies like PamLab, Summer Lab, Actavis and Pierre Fabre.

In his current role, Ray’s responsibilities include:

  • Outbound Business Development – identifying practices looking for digital marketing solutions
  • Identify, manage and work with 3rd party partners that drive better outreach and prospecting opportunities
Monica Akins
Monica Akins
Digital Operations Executive

Monica has worked in the creative industry for 15 years. Working with various industries and people she is able to adapt and tackle new projects. Her eagerness helps in creating new content on a weekly basis with blogging, social media content, and video work. With experience in design and programming, she is able to help clients with their visions of a new website, user experience, and building of online patient forms. 

In her current role, Monica’s responsibilities include:

  • Work with clients to queue up work requests and manage deliverables
  • Manage Digital Marketing for clients & agency
  • Website Design, Social Media Management and Video content creation

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