Managing the COVID-19 impact

On Your  Practice

Solutions for addressing the short term reduction in patient traffic

managing coronavirus impact on your practice

Corona Virus and Impact on Healthcare

Gear up your practice for Telehealth services

  1. Use a service like (they have free and paid versions)
  2. Check your EHR system and explore options for TeleHealth or Teletherapy – many of them already do or provide a simple add-on that you can start using
  3. If you use GSuite for business, sign a HIPAA BAA with Google and use Hangouts for video and audio meetings – comes free with your service.
  4. Create an outreach to your patients – A short video, email, special page on your website. Share on social media, ask to share and spread the word!
If you haven’t focused on building your online presence, don’t despair –

There are still ways to reach out to patients seeking telehealth services…..

  • Clean up your website – make updates, refresh design. 
  • Dedicate your home page to Teletherapy and spell out easy ways for patients to get that service.
  • Get as many quick online reviews as you can to jump start your online review ratings.
  • Invest in Google search ads to get in front of prospective patients seeking service.

Telehealth related topics surged on google trends with the volume of searches up by 180% in the last week alone

As of March 18, 2020

More and more people will look for practices who offer convenient features and telehealth services online. 

Fastest way to get new patients: PPC Advertising

If you already have a great website and a good online presence, invest in:

Refresh your site with Telehealth information

Improve Online Self Service Features

Increase engagement with your Patient Community

Start a Weekly email update email to stay on radar

managing coronavirus impact on your practice

Helping practices during COVID-19 crisis

If you need help with any of these, make sure to reach out to us and we will be able to get you ready in no time.

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